If a gasp for extra breath is made there is reservoir capacity to cope with a bulk delivery.

You can watch it working, confirming O2 delivery.

The system is ‘tuneable’. In that the reservoir must not be allowed to completely fill or remain full. If it does O2 will be spilling past the valve into the mask while exhaling; perfectly safe, but wasteful.

Should the valve or the reservoir fail it will never deliver less O2 that the current systems and will only lose a percentage of efficiency.

It fails safe.

This system has now been used extensively on Everest and functioned perfectly. It was slightly daunting to use a prototype and mainly unproven system on such an ambitious project. Ted had perfect faith in the science of the principle and the intrinsic reliability built on simplicity. No gimmicks, no batteries, low technology; so far 100% ‘TopOut’.

Topout Clinical Evaluation

New Topout Pod Delivery System

Topout New Flow Controller

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