When Ted returned to Everest in 2004 it was almost certainly going to be his last shot. He had to get it right and the single most important tool in the box to improve performance and therefore success – is oxygen. If there was only one item to get right it is this and it would not prove difficult to improve on the existing systems which had not evolved after many years.

His aim was simply to produce a better, more efficient system. What has come about from 16 years of thinking about the problem is all of this and more. Top Out ensures that every last molecule of O2 that leaves the cylinder is processed through your lungs. Not only is there no waste but the O2 used is tuned to your demand and needs. The current available systems can only deliver at a set, very slow rate even when your body demands are high. In order to try and overcome this dilemma the flow rate must be increased which means even more wasted gas during the breathing out phase!! Top Out uses less gas because none is wasted, but you consume more gas and so have a faster, safer ascent that can be enjoyed instead of endured!

Topout Clinical Evaluation

New Topout Pod Delivery System

Topout New Flow Controller

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