Ted started work before he left UK using the basic bladder reservoir system. This had several problems: the efficient diversion of gas and containment until required being the core problems. The idea he wanted to see work was where the O2 would be diverted into a reservoir while breathing out then feed ‘on demand’ while breathing in. He started work with a Tornado pilots mask and attached the reservoir to the mask as on other systems. This worked to an extent but he didn’t get the time needed to see it fully through.

The thing finally fell into place at Base Camp (BC). While walking to BC he picked up a couple of discarded 500ml pop bottles that he was using for ‘pee bottles’. He later used them for tea and water on the mountain (after rinsing; this is a good tip, tell everyone that you do this and pee in your cup when desperate and no one will ever want to ask you for a drink, therefore less chance of you picking up infection!)

It occurred to him that he could cobble these into an improved O2 delivery system. As mentioned it was not going to be difficult to beat the ancient competition. He had no doubts about using a prototype system for his 3rd and final attempt on the mountain. However if it could fail, it would fail safe, (therefore carry on working, if with less efficiency) in which case it would still outperform the competition In practice it works exactly as it says on the packet with some added advantages.

Topout Clinical Evaluation

New Topout Pod Delivery System

Topout New Flow Controller

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