This is really a hire scheme that allows you to take your mask home with you as a trophy of your success. When you get home you will be asked to give a number of presentations and people want more that just some pictures. It’s great to have something real, something that can be touched, that has been there. This is especially the case with kids.

I get a number of requests from people every year who later realised that they needed a mask. So keep your mask if you wish and use it again. I made the cost of my Everest trip with speaking fees in my first year – you could too. Many of you will now know that TopOut is without doubt proven to be the best O2 delivery system there is. It is used and provided as the system of choice by ALL of the major players on Everest. If further proof was needed then Bear’s flight to heights above Everest and the fact that the Extreme Everest (British Doctors) all chose it should close the case. The doctors chose TopOut based on their own scientifically evaluated experiments. It is the only system to be so evaluated (against the current competition).

We realise that an expedition to Everest is expensive and the best equipment is never cheap. The best oxygen equipment will give you the best chance of a happy successful trip instead of feeling that every breath is your last! We also realise that most people will also only want to use their mask for one ascent, hopefully. For this reason TopOut now offers a buyback scheme available in Kathmandu. We will now issue and fit you with your mask in Kathmandu. You leave the full price on collection then we buy the mask back from you upon your return for half purchase price. There are other considerations for this service being offered: We now know that masks are changing hands in Kathmandu bazaar; this is dangerous practice as these systems could be faulty. They certainly will not be serviced! The operators on Everest have their masks serviced before use every season.

We would not drive our cars without the brakes being serviced and this situation is far less serious than being on top of Everest without oxygen! The buy back scheme gives TopOut Ltd the opportunity to control the serviceability of the available equipment. Your investment in: money, time and your life is just too great to scrimp on the subject of oxygen equipment.

Masks will be available from Asian Trekking in Thamel see it will give a map for location. I will be there for issue and initial fitting and to give advice on the system from mid Mar – mid April. I could meet groups at your venue if booked and I will brief on best practice. I will bring orders with me. To ensure your order for sales or buyback please order in plenty of time; now is not too soon to be sure, this year is going to be very busy for sales and pre placed orders will be met first, obviously.

Those of you who have systems from last season please book to have these serviced by e mail or call me in Kathmandu on 009779803149195 or through Asian Trekking. Alternatively use my Contact Page.

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