Dont believe us read it – and dont forget Topout is the only system with independent expert medical analysis, the British Doctors on Extreme Everest chose it.

Rob Casserley

‘My name is Rob Casserley, medical doctor and high altitude climber. I have summited Cho Oyu twice and Everest four times. I have used supplemental oxygen on all occasions and have experience with both the Poisk mask (1st generation) and the Topout mask. Topout has revolutionised the way big mountains are climbed. You don’t need to be a medical practitioner to know that oxygen deprivation is a major contributing factor to the reason why climbers fail to summit Everest, safely. Massive fatigue, frostbite, pulmonary & cerebral oedema are all problems caused by hypoxia (low oxygen levels) and so an efficient oxygen delivery device is an essential if this is your ‘one shot’ at Everest.

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Kenton Cool

Top Out is with out doubt one the biggest improvements in the equipment I use on Everest and Cho Oyu. For me when I’m working I’m concerned about the clients and don’t need to have doubts about equipment. I have total faith in top out!!! I use top out cos it f**king works. For me its the best O2 mask available. Light years better than the rest. I have 5 Everest summits 4 of which have been done using Top Out. I am 100% sure that my success is at least partly down to this mask.

Awesome. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable summit then I recommend Top Out everytime.

For me as a 5 times Everest Guide I insist that my clients use Top Out masks.


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Dirk Stephan


Hi Ted,

Just wanted to let you know, the ascent to the summit of Everest worked fine last year. Here is my testimony: I summited Mt. Everest at 0500 a.m. Being a professional pilot, I have some experience with oxygen delivering systems. I chose TOPOUT because the system is easy to use and idiot-proof. The latter is very important, when betting your life on an oxygen system. With the TOPOUT mask attached to standard POISK cylinders, I was able to climb Mount Everest in less then 8 hours. This is remarkable, because allthough I was going as fast as I could, I was still fit on the TOP.
I highly recommend the TOPOUT-System, as it protected me just the way it was expected to do.
After summitting at 0500am, I was back on southcol at 0800. After 2 hours rest, I descended down to C2 and reached it at 0200pm.
Dirk Stephan

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