This is really a hire scheme that allows you to take your mask home with you as a trophy of your success. When you get home you will be asked to give a number of presentations and people want more that just some pictures. It’s great to have something real, something that can be touched, that has been there. This is especially the case with kids.

I get a number of requests from people every year who later realised that they needed a mask. So keep your mask if you wish and use it again. I made the cost of my Everest trip with speaking fees in my first year – you could too. Many of you will now know that TopOut is without doubt proven to be the best O2 delivery system there is. It is used and provided as the system of choice by ALL of the major players on Everest. If further proof was needed then Bear’s flight to heights above Everest and the fact that the Extreme Everest (British Doctors) all chose it should close the case. The doctors chose TopOut based on their own scientifically evaluated experiments. It is the only system to be so evaluated (against the current competition).

Topout Clinical Evaluation

New Topout Pod Delivery System

Topout New Flow Controller

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